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Canadian Network Installations
A un Telecommunications Technician le preguntaron...26 de agosto de 2018

Do you know copper?

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Yes you?


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Bell Technical Solutions

What experience do you have in this field?

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Two year experience at technician

Telephone line connected

No faild

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Tell me why you want to work for Openreach

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Openreach can take months to get around to putting successful candidates in jobs. They took over 6 months with me. Menos

Have you heard anymore about the assessment centre? I applied in newcastle and still havnt heard anymore about it Menos

I applied to BT, I passed the sit test and online video interview, I was sent a email 2days after Vid interview saying I was successful and BT contact me when an assessment centre is ready in my area. 3months later They emailed me, explaining they haven’t forgot about me. 1month later they emailed me and said the job role had been filled and they wanted me to try another position. I accepted, they emailed me again asking me to go to an assessment centre in 3 weeks time. Hope this helps Menos

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Do you want to sell? Do you like money? are you breathing?

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Red flag: 100% commission sales job

Red flag: unless you love it, this job is 100%COMMISSION.


How do you test a down fiber circuit?

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Loopback test

is to inject a known level of light in one end and measure the level of light at the other end. Menos

What did you study during your undergrad?

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I mentioned the name of some courses.

My undergraduate studies were in laser engineering and optoelectronics. As for my master's studies, it was about optical communication. Menos


what do you know about telecommunication engineer

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Optical Fiber Execution and Rectification

To install the equipment with copper and fiber optic cable for the system. it has been used for transferring data, voice call, video call etc.. Menos


Do you plan on staying long term

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What would you do If you answered a 911 call from someone you know.?

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Treat it like any other person.

Basically asked skill sets of applications.

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Listed the skill sets I had intermediate knowledge.

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