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A un Executive IT Support le preguntaron...13 de octubre de 2015

What is the difference between a .PST and an .OST file?

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I answered that the .PST and the .OST files are used with Outlook, the .PST is for storing mail and settings on the machine, and the .OST is for offline storage on a server. Because I hesitated and had to work this question through in my head, this is why they allegedly had reservations about how qualified I was to do the job. Menos

That was basically what I answered to the interviewers, and whereas truncated here for brevity, this was not a question that should have been a determining factor in a 4th interview. Besides the fact that I was practically bullied about my Mac experience (even though the description stated it was a high priority), and made it to the 4th interview without so much as a hiccup, I still find this company's hiring practices to be less than stellar. I'm happy that someone was finally hired on to the job. Mind you, the position had been open for quite awhile, and the reason why it was taking so long for it to be filled was nothing short of incompetence on the hiring end: If I was unqualified to their standards, that should have been caught by the first physical interview after the phone screen. Not after I wasted time attending 2 additional interviews. Just be careful about being so "Gung Ho" about this new company you've been hired into. They don't seem to respect their job candidates, and are incompetent when it comes to performing a proper interview. If those red flags appear in the interview process, how do you think you'll be treated down the line? Something tells me you should keep your options open. I did, and found another position at what seems like a well put together business. Can you say the same? Menos

Personal and Offline Storage Tables are a basic fundamental in IT Support. Hesitation to answer this presumably shows that you have not spent enough time in that environment to remember it off-hand. Even the answer you provided here is a little incoherent. They both save data such as mail and calendar information, but one takes the data off the server and saves it only to the user's computer and the other does not. Knowing the fundamental difference between them is the difference between deleting a cache file that will rebuild itself and deleting an archive that cannot be recovered. Menos


Self introduction, excel, sql, general questions

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Introduce self

Hey hi iam fresher

Hey hi iam fresher.. in ITTI if some one designation is progarammer trannie what job role in that company ?? Menos


7 Layers of OSI Module.

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Refer Cisco Books

there are seven layers in the osi model..... application layer presentation layer session layer transport layer network layer data link layer presentation layer Menos

ITC Infotech

The question that caught me off guard was that, if another company offered a job with the same profile but with a much higher salary and much more facilities, would you still prefer to work with us?

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I really didn't know the answer to this quest so I made a diplomatic excuse saying " Sir, I'm here because I am looking forward for a career in this company. Your question does not even arise because If I had to choose another company I wouldn't have been here in the first place." Menos

Yes ofcourse i still prefer to work with you, to start my career in your organization that utilizes my soft skills and technical knowledge there by expertise in my area of work. Menos


What you don't like in your work?

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Since it is part of work we have to do it.


How RIP Runs over Cisco Switches ?

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their is no rip for CISCO Switches

ys rip command can be run over the router not over the switch


Why did you select sales job?

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Bcz i'm interested to work in Buisness Process and meet with clients

I have all the knowledge about the technologies your looking for and have completed 1 year training in pune and 6 month of internship in same Technology. Please check my github repo and let me know for interview. Thank you. Menos

Thyrocare Technologies

Oops concepts..basic SQL questions..

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With practical scenario's related to programming and real world..

Taj Group of Hotels

My previous experience in IT Sector

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I'm a graduate of General Sir John Kothelawala Defense University. i'm looking for this internship to start my career on networking field. i have 6 months experience as a trainee information security engineer on Sri Lanka Telecom. .Thank You. Menos


How to solve the problem of mouse moving all over the screen when you plugged in a mouse into a laptop?

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Your left palm is on the touchpad, just disable the touchpad. Are you kidding me? I couldn't answer because the question is one of the most stupid question I've ever heard of my entire life, if I can see it physically of course I can answer it, they require you to imagine the scenario by yourself, and tells you to don't overthink the problem, seriously what the hell. Menos

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