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Dental Intelligence
A un Technical Support Representative le preguntaron...27 de noviembre de 2022

Not a question but I remember them mentioning how they couldn’t ask me certain questions in the interview due to laws and HR professional. I really appreciated that they abided by the rules in place and was impressed by their professionalism.


What do you think would be most challenging to you?

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Difficulty understanding different people's descriptions


I was asked 2 technical questions, in addition to 2-3 behavioral questions.


Is the customer always right?


Listening ,verbal test as well logical questions


What's an initiative you've spearheaded in a previous role?


I bought a brand new car 1 week ago and today it's not turning on, I have a wedding in 2 hoursm what can you do to solve this issue?


what is My realization about the Pandemic

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I realize that is life is too short


Do you have a room with a door and quiet space away from tvs and noise?

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Are you able to work from the hours of 9am - 9pm mountain time, Monday to Friday no exceptions?

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