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A un Technical Support Associate le preguntaron...4 de diciembre de 2022

The STAR method is a structured way of answering behavioral interview questions. Behavioral interview questions usually start with "Tell me a time..." or "Give me an example..." By having you share an example from your past, Amazon interviewers hope to deduce how you might perform on the job in the future. It's reasonable to expect that if you were put in a similar situation, you would do no worse than how you performed in the past. Here are some examples of behavioral interview questions, relevant to Amazon: Customer Obsession. Walk us through a time when you helped a customer through a difficult process and what that looked like. Frugality. Tell me a time when you came up with a clever way to save money for the company.


Depends on the interviewer but they generally like to go in deep about the topic.


Tell be about yourself Family background Why this company for u

Array (NY)

How do you handle escalations? Piece of constructive feedback you received


1) Tell me about yourself? 2) Why do you want to work in a support role? 3) Tell me about a time you had to deal with an angry customer

PowerSchool Group

Tell about yourself and your interests


Why do you want to join Salesforce and why this particular role?


How would you describe what a pointer is and what are applicable uses of it in C++?


Why did you apply for this company

HUB International

How did I come to be involved in the insurance industry? and what my strengths and interests are?

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