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A un Technical Support Analyst le preguntaron...7 de marzo de 2018

How would you handle a situation where there is no clear solution to a problem

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Provide the best solution available to you to help alleviate the issue. If you have access to SMEs then get their opinion first. After providing the solution you have on hand, speak to others who are knowledgeable about the topic (SMEs, Vendors, Folks from other appropriate organizations), and research online to find a better more sustainable solution to the problem. Throughout the process be sure to communicate the issue and challenges to the appropriate managers and user community for clarity, feedback, and possible assistance. Menos

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Will you be able to join immediately?

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yes immediately

yes sure


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Global Mentoring Solutions

All the questions were generic and quickly were found to be scripted.

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Wow Wayne K. Way to go with the scripted answers. I was looking into applying to this company , but after reading those poorly scripted answers, not anymore. Menos

We thank you for your feedback. We are regularly reviewing our application process and looking for improvements. In response to your comment about creating a hotmail account, the purpose of that question was NOT to test your technical skills at all. I can't get into the purpose of the question, but we were looking for something else there. Menos

For consistency and objectivity, we do have an interview script that we follow. That way, all applicants are on the same playing field and compared fairly. Menos

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Kerridge Commercial Systems

If you were in a room with three light switches, and you could not see out of the room and you could only leave the room once. The three corresponding light bulbs are in another room. How do you tell which light switches belong to which bulbs?

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My answer to this is: Assign a value to each light switch (A,B,C) Start a timer for 3 minutes Flip switch A and B on After the 3 minutes is up, flip B off again. Go into the other room. The lighting bulb belongs to switch A The the other two light bulbs (one will be hot and one will be cold) The hot bulb belongs to switch B The cold bulb belongs to switch C. Menos

(I mean you would put one resistor in series with each of the three switches, obviously; the greatest value resistor would result in the most dimming). Menos

Assumptions: You have three inputs: X, Y, Z with two possible states (0,1). You have three outputs: A,B,C with two possible states (0,1). The inputs and outputs are independent of each other, but one input should be matched to one output. For example, if X --> A, then X(1) --> A(1). Note: we don't actually know whether the normal state of the switch is open or closed. For our purposes 0 is normal state, 1 is abnormal state. You have one chance to observe the outputs. You could flip one of the switches and observe, but this will only tell you about one of the connections and leave two unknowns. You could flip two switches, but this still leaves two unknowns. You could flip all three, but this leaves three unknowns. You could flip none of them, but that leaves three unknowns. Another possibility is to McGyver the light switches by placing three resistors of different values in series with the switch, verifying the switch is closed, and then observe the relative brightnesses of the bulbs. More creatively, you could use your one trip to leave the room to find the documentation and/or the persons responsible for this cruel experiment. I am sure this is wrong, but I was never a math or CS major. =D Menos


It wasn't a serious of tough or difficult questions. There was a series of questions which I answered, and then because I thought I properly done my homework. when I was asked if there were any questions I had for the interviewer, I asked if they had tested their pages against some security issues that were going on at the time. The interviewer had to admit no they hadn't.

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Best to not mention anything outside of what you're applying for. You probably came off as a risk too them. Security issues or talking about Hacking is a gray area; something you should only have conversations with when appropriate staff are around. Next time ask to expand on resume about a scenario in which you improved security. Menos

Relating to experience is key to get the conversation rolling. "As technical support I often have questions regarding security; [follow up with selling yourself on firewalls/acl/Methodology]". Menos

I was later told in the interview feed back that I was "arrogant" for asking those questions.. Wow!! Seems like it would have been better not doing the research.. that's a first, and when I thought about what the recruiter said, .. well what can I say. The code words he used were for guys. Menos


How would you handle a call from an unhappy executive who had been waiting for help for 2 days?

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go to RUN and type MSCONFIG then push the Enter button

I told them how I would take ownership of the problem until I could resolve it myself or personally speak with someone who could resolve it. I told them that I would raise the concern with my manager to make sure that this issue was addressed and would never happen again. I also said that I would keep checking on the issue throughout the day, find out when the client was leaving for the day and make sure to contact them before they leave to give them an update on the situation. They liked this. Menos

Active Network

What about other people frustrates you the most?

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That answer is retarded. Ofcourse you should put out your best at everything. Why do it? They gonna love your lazy ass! See ya at the unemployment line soon.. Menos

People who put in their best effort at everything they do.

Los Angeles County

Describe a time where you were given multiple tasks to do at the same time, how did you handle these task and why.

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I would have a list of my projects with the expected due dates. For those that were easy and could have been worked on quickly, I made a preliminary list of these first and when I could complete them. Secondly, I made the second list and listed these in order of time to complete. As in the easy projects, I prioritized these and schedule time to complete. For those that I knew would take more than a few hours or a day to complete, I would consult with my immediate supervisor and then from there contact the requestors on the revised completion date. Sometimes more emergent situations come up so it is extremely important that all parties are notified of what's going on. Menos

Check first which is in high priority up to last task with expected time to finish, analyze the task if it possible to finish all with expected time, if not coordinate with team leader Menos

I answered by priority and with attention to the overall issue at hand, single user affected vs multiple users or department level or higher. Menos


Do you have Knowledge of Active Directory

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Yes, I sure do. I've been using it for X number of years at my previous jobs. Ranged from creating users to resetting passwords. Menos



What does SOAP and WSDL stand for? What is it used for?

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SOAP is Simple Object Access Protocol, WSDL is web services description language. Menos

Instinct cries, revisit the JavaScr notes you wrote

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