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Cashfac Technologies
A un Technical Services Analyst le preguntaron...17 de octubre de 2018

If 3 men were having sex, and the one at the back had AIDS, how long would it take for the one at the front to get AIDS?

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I interviewed with Cashfac a few years ago. I thought the worst thing about them was that they were technically clueless. (e.g., they were sending software updates on CDs through the post, instead of more sane delivery mechanisms. ) Looks like that wasn't the worst thing about them. It's unbelievable that anyone who would ask an inappropriate, homophobic question like this still has a job anywhere, let alone with this company. Menos

This is disgraceful question to ask in the interview. Person who asked this question should no longer be working with the company. There is no policy again for this company. Menos

Absolutely disgusting and unbelievable. In any proper, decent company, this individual would be fired on the spot, but Cashfac seem to think a superficial "apology" is enough. Really exposes the intelligence levels and attitudes that are prevalent in this company for all to see. Menos

SAP Ariba

What is polymorphism? What is function overriding vs. function overloading?

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I wasn't able to literally define it, but when he expressed it in terms of a practical example I was able to answer his questions. :P Menos

SAP Ariba

Where do the accounting combination fields in Ariba Buyer defaulted from, except for the Account field? Where does the Account field get its value (what file)?

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Accounting combination defaults from the User Profile, and the Account field is set from CommodityExportMap.csv. [Study your Ariba!] Menos

Epicor Software

How would you deal with a customer that calls up for assistance on a product that you have no knowledge on, the person who does is busy with a call, and the customer has rang up many times and has not received a reply, yet needs to sort out the problem urgently?

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In this scenario you need to take ownership of the situation.

Dell Technologies

How would you like to bring change in this company ? Tell me about your family background ? Tell me why I must hire you for this job ? Tell me something about yourself ?

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Just be cool and answer in a well mannered way.


What I was going to do with my own business?

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It will take some time to close, but I have the commitment to go ahead as plan.

Bellin Health

How I handle disgruntled customers

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I keep my employer aware in case of escalation

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

La parte tecnica molto cordiale e disponibile. Con tutto il team, compreso il capo di dipartimento. Disponibile e gentile.

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Tutte quello che mi hanno chiesto. Cercavano una figura leggermente diversa dal mio profilo. Menos

CPL Integrated Services

Troubleshooting question, something difficult about Skype not working between two people.

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They said the question was deliberately difficult, the answer to the issue was a DNA error. Menos

SAP Ariba

What does the Invoice Reconciliation engine do? How do you trigger and configure the Invoice Reconciliation engine? (Hint: It's the most important file in the /../config directory)

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IR engine enables invoices to get processed into Ariba, and automatically sets invoice behavior depending on how the system is configured to handle, say, exceptions. Parameters.table - important file in /../config directory. Menos

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