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A un Senior Technical Program Manager le preguntaron...3 de octubre de 2022

Q: Handling conflict when managing a team of engineers.


How you would work with Product Management


Tell me about a time you made a decision without manager's approval.


Explain the advantages/disadvantages of cameras versus radars


How do you integrate into a team? Do you know the definition of Critical Path?

Expedia Group

1. System Design 2. Program and Project Management-related questions 3. Questions related to current/past projects and System Architecture


Explain a time when I had to deal with two conflicting people/viewpoints in how to proceed with a problem, and how I defused that situation and came to an agreement.


Mostly behavioral in nature - check amazon LPs


Weird like how do you imagine the future about whatever technology is not related to the position

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I answered regarding less contaminated technology helping the environment


what is one creative solution you had in one of your programs?

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