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A un Ground Operations le preguntaron...2 de julio de 2015

1)Tell me what you know about JetBlue? 2) what do you like or dislike about your current employer? 3)tell me a time you went out of the box for a customer? 4) tell me a time an employee didn't do their job and what did you do?

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I also interviewed at the LIC headquarters on October 5th 2015 and got an email that ask for DOB and SS# and there was an email stating that there was an issue with the link that was given and that we should wait for the next day which would've been Oct 9th. Then just yesterday Oct 21st I got the email stating they got my info and that they appreciated my patience in this matter.. So I'm sure it's just a matter of time for the background check to happen Menos

Hey I got selected. I also did interview on the 18 of June. I just finished my background now I'm just waiting for drug test which I will pass flying colors Menos

I just got the e mail that tey received my information. I guess the next step is background check. Menos

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Capital One

Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 how weird you are.

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One number lower than whoever came up with this question

about a 5.6719151431

I am within two standard deviations from the norm...

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If in a room there are 10 persons and if each person has to shake hands with all other then total how many hand shakes will be there

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simply formulas: n*(n-1)/2 (n-1)*(n/2)

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Pretend 1% of the population has a disease. You have a test that determines if you have that disease, but it's only 80% accurate and 20% of the time you get a false positive, how likely is it you have the disease.

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1%. The first sentence gives you all the info you need.

1% chance if using global population. Chances would decrease or increase depending on certain variable or demographic factors so I would say you need more data to give a specific answer. Things like age , gender , race , need to be taken into consideration if you are a 33 year old male and the subject disease is ovarial cancer then you have 0 percent chance . If you are a 40 year old nun and the disease is The clap you have less probably of being infected than say a 26 year old prostitute .. Menos

You don't need the test. The answer is given... 1% of the population has the disease... Answer: 1% Menos

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FedEx Ground

Name a situation where you didn't know what to do and you still were able to get the job done.

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No one knows all the answers, if you don't know find someone who does. Do not leave employees waiting for an answer for too long otherwise you lose credibility. Menos

I'll ask the manager ask a supervisor or a senior from the company he knows what they're doing and I only have to be told once Menos

I would say check my work surrounding or help out a team mate

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100 drivers apply to uber to be a driver. X percent does not have city knowledge, y of them miss their screening meetings, z of them did not passed background check and can apply in 6 months etc etc.. Base on listed constraints, how many of them can start with Uber?

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100-XUYUZ U= Union

The above answers are wrong. The answer is xUy. U=Union. You do not need city knowledge to drive for Uber. Menos

Correction above.... It's yUz where U=union.

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tell me about yourself, tell us about your last company, and salary expectations

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Waiting period will be 3 months but we can negotiate to 1 month and I am working with TCS from past 6 years currently I an handling team of 21 associate where 14 are processor and 7 QC'er . I was the part of the transition and also with the reverse transition. Menos

Waiting period will be 3 months but we can negotiate to 1 month and I am working with TCS from past 6 years currently I an handling team of 21 associate where 14 are processor and 7 QC'er . I was the part of the transition and also with the reverse transition. Menos

I have completed by Hotel Management of 03 years with Mumbai University, having an total 14 years experience in Hospitality and Administration. Was working with Curefit as an Cluster Manager. Salary expectations is some around 12 lacs as previously I was drawing 10.85 lacs Annually. Menos

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Same questions as listed on Glassdoor. Now I'm waiting for results . Interview on Oct 23.

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Did u send a thankyou letter? It is always good to ask gor buisness cards after an interview. Like that you can follow up Menos

Did you get the job will you be in the Dec 13th class

I will be in the dec 13 class. Are you ?

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32 qs test

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can you please send the files to my id iitb.manish@gmail,com It will be great help. Thanks. Menos

Did anyone actually receive the file?

Hii, Can you please send the files to my id madhu.praveen123@gmail,com It will be great help. Thanks. Menos

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Tata Capital

Why you join this company?

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First ofall thanks to asking i never job in business culture and I love to work business professionals it's a great opportunity that I have to enter and provide my skill Menos

Ans name is tata very valuable is trust and belive so i thought i join tata

Mutual interest and good position

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