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Red Hat
A un Technical Account Manager (TAM) le preguntaron...1 de julio de 2022

What do you love about open source


Tell me abt u ? Your strength ? Why u wana join

Sidekick Solutions

1. Prepare one-page user reference on how to print a saved document to PDF. 2. You have been asked, as a consultant, to advise on the best way to complete a common task. For example, how to make a PB&J, how to load a dishwasher, etc. Draft an email response advising on the task, with an understanding that there are many ways to complete the task. 3. A client is requesting a project that falls outside of scope of their current contract but would benefit their system immensely. Draft an email response addressing this request and provide a recommendation for next steps. 4. A client is interested in setting up a moves management/prospecting tracking component in their system. What are some questions you might come prepared with to your initial requirements gathering meeting? 5. A client uses an auction software external to their CRM and wants to import the data from an event into its CRM. Describe how you would approach migrating the data from the auction software into the CRM. Include questions, assumptions, data transformation considerations, etc. If desired, include a rough data mapping tool to support this process. 6. A client asks you to pull a mailing list of lapsed donors to target for an upcoming solicitation. Describe what criteria you would use to build this list. Include questions, assumptions, etc. and a summary of the columns you’d return in the report for the client.


Have you ever worked on something really hard and then failed?


Why did you pursue the degree that you did?


Technical Project manager interview questions PLSQL What is the difference between primary key and unique key? What is the difference between delete and truncate? How do you match pattern? What are sub procedures? Project management questions I need to hire a full stack developer. What details would you give to TA team? A customer comes to you that he wants to design a search engine? What are your next steps? As a project manager do you prefer fixed bid or Time and Material? Why? What are Waterfall, Agile and V-model? Which model works best or which kind of project? How can you convince a customer who wants waterfall model to buy in Agile method? Current project based questions. Suppose you have 10 line items for a sprint, customer comes to you with 3 more line items? How do you handle it? How do you plan a project? Two team do not get along well. How do you handle them? What are the KPI's you track in your project? What is an error and what is a bug? Are both same? What is scope variance and effort variance? What are risks? When do you involve on technical help to your project? What is requirement traceability matrix? Provide architecture diagram of current project.


Phone Screen: * Tell me about the time when you provided a simple solution to a complex problem. * Layer 2 vs. Layer 3; Can be the data transferred without Layer 3? * What is deduplication? DB deduplication? * Describe a DNS walkthrough * What are DNS record types? How recursive server knows about authoritative server? Whether changing CNAME changes the original record? * How to diagnose high load on Linux server? * What is data warehouse? * Analytics and Hadoop. * What is the difference between supervised and unsupervised ML? * What is the difference between SQL and No-SQL? Usage of each? * What is the difference between compiled and interpretive languages? Examples of when each can be used? * What is the difference between VM and containerization? * What is CDN and how it knows to update the content? Loop: * Tell me about the time when you provided a solution only by asking questions? * Build and troubleshoot various issues with 3-tier web application. * Tell me about when you led an activity and what was the outcome?

Susquehanna International Group (SIG)

Project management related questions: Tell me about a project that you succeed tell me about a project you have failed to deliver

Behavioral questions, tell me about a time when...etc.


Questions primarily on my experience and real time scenarios.

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