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A un Technical Project Manager le preguntaron...29 de noviembre de 2022

Tell me about yourself. Do you have plans to get married any time soon or have kids? How do I handle and manage teams? How is my patience?

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Baseadas em demonstrar experiências baseadas pelos LP.

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Seguir os LP e descrever de forma clara, contextualizando e mostrando os resultados alcançados em experiências prévias que corroborem os princípios. Menos


1) Are you PMP,Scrum or MBA certified? 2) phases of implementation 3) Waterfall vs scrum vs agile in theory 4) What are you bringing on table ? 5) why you left last company

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Just read books of project management as they don’t care about your tech experience or technical knowledge Menos

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The interview was a joke... like childish dilemmas and stuff you find in a fun fact book

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What is my strong and weak suites?

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Honestly! Provide what you know for sure you are good at and weak in prior to the interview might help :) Menos


O que te interessou em trabalhar na Gympass


they asked about the agile process and also some scenario based questions


Interviewer didn't join the call

Plenty Farms

How would you communicate with a crew member or contractor

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With eye contact and with total respect


Talk about your experiences with the full breadth of technical stack at your last employer

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