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A un Author le preguntaron...23 de mayo de 2014

Can you write a creative novel?

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I was challenged by one interviewer on everything I said!

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Had to think on my feet, but it was fun

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Nothing very difficult

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They check your subject knowledge and language skills

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Difference between affect and effect and Its & It's. Draw the shear force and bending moment diagram for cantilever beam Stress strain diagram. Questions related to your project

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Answer the question confidently.

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A un Author le preguntaron...20 de agosto de 2017

they asked me to make a SWOT analysis of myself; there may have been questions regarding my ability to handle stress and where i see myself in the next two years.

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Strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat lie in the eye of the interviewer. i said that i could handle anything that they threw my way. little did i know. i said that i see myself as someone who was handling many projects and mentoring people. i got the opportunity to do all of the above. Menos

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What's your favorite book?

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It seems like a benign question, but you learn so much about someone by discussing their favorite book. Menos

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How to tackle a deadlock situation when you have to launch the course tomorrow and the material is still pending from the author.

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Ensure timely checks to avoid such nerve wrecking situations as an early follow-up can make the process of course creation and launch more organized Menos


If you are in the desert, what engineering skills you want to bring? What are values of work?

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Weird questions that not related to the job description at all.

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To get 5-star author certification (basically the only level of author that can make a slightly acceptable pay rate) you need to take a grammar test, have published work/book, and have a bunch of work on the site done already.

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If I was a published author already, why would I be writing content for cheap companies online using keywords? There was no benefit to this job besides beer money. Menos


If the right aileron turns up and the left down, what direction will the aircraft take the turn?

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The flight will take the right turn as the cambered surface will be more for the other side resulting in increased lift generation in the left side Menos

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