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A un Talent Sourcer le preguntaron...21 de mayo de 2012

The demanding part can be the detailed questions on numbers and timeframes of recruitment processes in different stages of your experience

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Be really prepared with the correct data otherwise you will look like you don't know your business or don't care. Menos

Nestlé Purina U.S.

Tell me about a time when you had to research something and you didn't have all of the tools you needed?

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W v SCC xcf

I did research to find the information I needed to satisfy the requirements and beyond that I began looking up documentation for process and completion of the work Menos

Virtual Forge

The mostly unexpected was and exercise and I had to explain all the procedure I would do to reach the best result

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I asked based in my previous experience and with honesty.


How should we setup employee referral?

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Once again, they were looking for ideas to steal. Smh.

ATR International

Why are you interested in recruiting? What about you would make you a good recruiter? What are you long term goals?

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I like working with and helping people.


Why did you apply for the role?

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I am passionate about finding the right talent for my clients. I like the idea of being involved in a win-win situation. By being a talent sourcer you not only help companies find their suitable candidates, but you also help people find their dream jobs... Menos


Why do you want to work for HonorHealth?

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Talked about how my experience would work for this job, mentioned the strong culture, demonstrated passion for getting involved with their community projects. Menos


As a talent sourcer, what do you think your responsibilities will be?

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Looking for talents suitable for specific positions.


How do you handle stress?

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I'm well organized and prioritize my work to reduce my stress level and it helps me be more productive. Menos

The Clorox Company

Why do I want to work for The Clorox Company

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Clorox has a reputation for during "what's right" and for being very active in the communities they are in. Clorox brands are among the most trusted brands in their markets. Menos

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