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A un Talent Acquisition Partner le preguntaron...25 de enero de 2018

Walk me through your resume. They had no structured interview questions and didn't write down responses.

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I have applied online to 3 different remote positions. First one was TX that interviewer thought I wasn't aggressive enough, ( can't always show your aggressiveness even face to face) never received a call or email back. Second call came for Talent Acquisition Partner the job was remote for CA hospital. Original interview I was stood up ; didn't rec'v a call or email stating it could not happen, and 2nd interview was arranged. Was told by interviewer, decision would be made this week. today is Friday.. still no email no call. Guess I didn't get the job. Very poor communication skills Menos

That was probably Lenia. She is a useless piece a recruiter and especially a manager. Menos

United Natural Foods

How do you prove yourself to skeptical hiring managers?

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I talk open and honestly and I make sure that all my information is accurate and correct and I let my certificates an education and determination speak for itself Menos

I prove myself with my work. After presenting that 1st spectacular candidate, hiring managers usually start to believe. Menos

DHL Express

why should we hire you for this role

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I have over 10 years of forklift experience I know how to operate all types of forklift I’ve had 4 years experience as a shipping and receiving clerk I am very knowledgeable moving freight around a warehouse I try to do my best work I possibly can multitasking as not a problem for me either I know how to maintain the equipment and I love to work at a job where I can Advanced myself Menos

I’m already to work like to work for a company that can about myself I will try to do that job I can I like fast paced work and I like sitting around doing nothing just give me a chance and I’ll prove myself Menos


Why would you want to be a part of Neviton ?

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I did my research and found that this organization has some great potential, they are currently working on some fantastic cutting edge technologies and are here to stay. Like everyone else I was looking for a long term challenging career and found that I could use my capabilities to a great extent and contribute to new innovations at Neviton. Menos

HomeServe UK

Role play is a meeting with a stakeholder to discuss hiring. You will be briefed with an agenda/parameters which you should try to push firmly but diplomatically. They will throw you a curveball which will most likely be someone has submitted their notice.

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You will have 5 minutes to prepare. I sought to control the conversation, address all the points in the preparation notes, and agree action points to move towards a proposed resolution whilst educating the stakeholder. Menos

Capillary Technologies

Sourcing Plan and the numbers

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Guidant Global

Tell me about your work history up to now? How would you organise your work load? How would a colleague/team members describe you?

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For the work load question I discussed how I go about completing and prioritising the tasks on my to do list. Think deadlines and accuracy. I always find it difficult to describe how other people might think of me but I related it back to my work and used examples. Menos


Talk about your experience, KPI's, roles you have hired for etc

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In general, both recruiters were very friendly, approachable, responsive etc BUT - no mention of pay (even when you ask if they have a range, they told me we cannot disclose the range, a bit dodgy I should say) - Recruiter told me we hire across junior/mid/senior so we would fit each accordingly. My application was saying senior but was reassured it's fine as they can match at a lower level. - you get a B2B contract, freelance style no permanent contract in the country you are based, need to deal with own taxes, insurance etc. - got rejected saying my background and expectations don't fit (2.5 years HR and talent acquisition). Expectations as in salary? Who knows as they never disclose anything. I believe the practice is maybe to hire the one who says the least (no wonder they advertise to eastern European countries, no offense to any, I am from one my self) - Maybe save your time and apply elsewhere as also too many stages, time spent etc.. Menos


Q: Tell me about you?

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The team were keen to learn about me a a person

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