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vCom Solutions
A un Talent Management Specialist le preguntaron...2 de noviembre de 2017

What do you know about vCom so far?

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I shared that I reviewed the website, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and additional sources of information about vCom. I also shared what I learned so far and how what I learned helped me to see that vCom and the role was a fit for me. Menos


step 1 recruiter, step 2 several cognitive tests, step 3 business case, step 4 the hiring manager additional questions on the business case, final step the hiring manager's boss regular questions, nothing marvelous or creative

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Business case: they do not tell you that they use this method to gather free data and knowledge from several candidates simultaneously. This is extremely unethical . They lie suggesting you are the final candidate, while saying the same to others at the same time Menos

UMAI Restaurant Software

Why do you want to work at UMAI?

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Est. in 2016, UMAI is still considered as a start-up company in Malaysia, hence is a young company. I too, am about to graduate and become a part of Malaysia's workforce. So, I figure that we could help each other out by you helping me gain real work experience and growing my arsenal of knowledge, skills and abilities to make me employable in the future while I help UMAI by becoming an energetic and motivated member of your workforce and I may be able provide a valuable input/contributions with my young and hybrid (traditional x modern minded) mind. Menos

G. Group

Mi è stato chiesto quale fosse la RAL ambita?

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Ho chiaramente risposto in considerazione del futuro trasferimento

Newfield Exploration

What is your long term career aspiration?

Minneapolis Schools

How does equity factor into daily decision making?


Tell me about yourself.

FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

There were no difficult questions for me. I am an HR professional.

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