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Harris Federation
A un Talent Attraction Partner le preguntaron...2 de febrero de 2023

Talk us through your CV. How have you previously developed an EVP? What do you think are the biggest challenges to recruitment in education? If we gave you a budget of £5K to create a campaign to attract teachers, what would you do with it?


Knowledge about instashop, subject knowledge of the role and past experience.


- experiencias previas - situacion actual - aprendizajes - interes


Previous experiences, experience leading a team and building a talent team from the ground. Also if I knew what Airalo does.

Schneider Electric

Si el manager se fuera y no tuvieras a quién preguntarle sobre un proyecto, ¿qué harías?

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Preguntarle a cualquiera que pudiera saber del tema.

Oddwork Sweden

Asked me about my previous knowledge of recruitment


How many roles were you personally responsible for recruiting at your last company?


What would make you the most successful candidate for this role?


Work history, how I measure recruiting, process and system questions. Nothing unusual.


What are some innovative strategies that you have used in past campaigns? (so they can steal ideas)

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