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A un On Camera Talent le preguntaron...7 de mayo de 2010

Why should we choose you when there are so many others out there?

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because i am very trustworthy person and i am also kind i love what i doing.

dahil ako po ay seryoso sa trabaho in a sence na gusto ko rin ung ginagawa ko.magaling mkisama sa ibang tao.matiisin at masikap po. Menos

Dahil matalino ako at kaya kong mag-trabaho ng mag-isa.

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Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America

Data structure questions (Linked Lists and Binary Trees)

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Live coding interviews were onsite or on coderpad??

On coderpad

What was the second behavior round?

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What were the biggest challenges being Talent Acquisition Coordinator?

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Production and sales

Business and marketing

Business and marketing

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D. E. Shaw India

1. You were driving a truck, your combined weight(yourself & the truck) is 1 ton & you have a bridge to cross which can sustain max 1 ton weight. When you reach the middle of the bridge, a bird weighing 500 gms sits on the bonnet of the truck. However you cross the bridge safely without it crashing. When the max weight the bridge could take is 1 ton, then why didnt the bridge crash?

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by the time the truck reached the center of the bridge, it had burned away enough of its fuel to compensate for the weight of the bird i.e. the truck had burned away more than or equal to 500gms of fuel. Menos

The weight of the bird nullifies the normal reaction occured by the weight of the truck and driver. So the bridge didn't break Menos

What kind of questions do they ask in the 3rd round of the interview?

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Simon Roofing

Are you able to travel?

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Yes I am able to travel


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Neiman Marcus

Tell us about Neiman Marcus. Are you familiar with the company?

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It's been around more than 100 years and the flagship store is in Dallas.

Neiman Marcus Group, Inc. operates as a departmental store. The Company offers women's and men's apparel, handbags, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, and home decoration products. Neiman Marcus Group serves customers worldwide. Menos

Neiman Marcus Group, Inc. operates as a departmental store. The Company offers women's and men's apparel, handbags, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, and home decoration products. Neiman Marcus Group serves customers worldwide. Menos

Novo Building Products

As a remote employee how will you prevent burnout?

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I will prevent burnout at work in a similar fashion as I do in my home life. I will have a goal for each day and week and prioritize accordingly. I will lean on my team members for advice and help so we can work through any challenges together. On a broad scale, I find it important to have good health habits (sleep, nutrients, exercise) to prevent and reduce stress/frustration/burnout. Menos


Burns Lotions


Walk me through your resume. They had no structured interview questions and didn't write down responses.

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I have applied online to 3 different remote positions. First one was TX that interviewer thought I wasn't aggressive enough, ( can't always show your aggressiveness even face to face) never received a call or email back. Second call came for Talent Acquisition Partner the job was remote for CA hospital. Original interview I was stood up ; didn't rec'v a call or email stating it could not happen, and 2nd interview was arranged. Was told by interviewer, decision would be made this week. today is Friday.. still no email no call. Guess I didn't get the job. Very poor communication skills Menos

That was probably Lenia. She is a useless piece a recruiter and especially a manager. Menos

DreamWorks Animation

Where do you see yourself in the future?

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Iwas working industry from 20 years and i keep working on my Skills and knowledge And where i see my Self to growing at any company or team workers sharing experience must giving me build my future Menos

Thank you

Northrop Grumman

Just how old are you, anyway?

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Isn't this question illegal?

I am 50 years old. As you see, I have experiences in all the areas you are looking for. In addition, my experience has enabled me to look for and see the context and big picture on projects and HR issues which is essential to success in this field. Menos

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