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Millman National Land Services
A un Survey Technician le preguntaron...27 de mayo de 2019

How to make the job work for both parties

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Negotiated it, though later on wish I had things in writing as they went back on their word on most things. Menos

Do you have your own laptop?

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I do have my own laptop.

Can you drive?

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I do not drive.

Can you travel?

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I am available for travel.

Birmingham Water Works

What equipment are you familiar with? What would you bring to the team? What are your qualifications?

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I am most familiar with Leica and Trimble total stations and GPS units but have worked with several others on a short term basis. I bring a fresher idea bank to bounce ideas off of the team while also learning history of the profession to know more classic solutions to common issues. I am in the process of getting licensed and have gotten a degree in the field of study to better prepare myself along with 3 summers of internships with hands on experience. Menos

The Sanborn Map Company

What experience do you have in surveying, photography, or GIS?

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I have a degree in GIS.


What was I looking for in the future career wise

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I said simple growth i want to be constantly evolving

Fugro Chance

Describe your current situation and why your looking for a change?

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Give an answer describes your employment history, your future goals

Amec Foster Wheeler

Where i see myself in five years.

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Upper management

where would you like to be in 5 years

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I would like to be in an executive position living comfortably contributing to work that I can be proud of Menos

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