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A un Civil Designer, Project Engineer, Or Survey Crew Chief le preguntaron...18 de agosto de 2017

They started off with asking me an illegal question, which was "Where are you from?" which I made the mistake of telling them and I really felt that the lead engineer used that as a strong bias against me and probably assumed political affiliations onto me which I don't actually carry. What state I'm from shouldn't influence my ability to do the work especially since the company I'm applying for is in that state! At another point I was asked to "sell to him" why I wanted the position and why I wanted to work for the company; I'm applying for technical positions, not sales!

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Overall, I didn't like the way I was treated. I felt like I was being talked down to even though the interview took place while sitting. I didn't appreciate the illegal questions and the consequential biases that came with it. Menos

Westwood Professional Services

How long have you been doing it? What were your experiences like. Then some equipment specific questions.

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Blew and Associates

They wanted to know what equipment I was familiar with.


I was asked to briefly sum up my experience within the profession.

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