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A un Software Support Engineer le preguntaron...8 de mayo de 2016

Design a Allergy, Doctor-Patient and Temperature class with some behavioral questions.

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Did they called you or they had emailed you regarding offer ?

Interview went well.There were few coding questions, behavioral questions and technical questions related to my resume content.How about your status? Menos

Even I had same kind of interview and it's been more then a week. Still I'm waiting for the results. Did you hear from them Menos

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I have reviewed your resume but would like to ask you to begin by giving me an overview of your education as they relate to this position and why you are interested in this position. Please elaborate on your project listed on your resume. What were your major responsibilities in that ? Did you made the project? If yes then tell what you have done in the project ?

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Greetings for the day, My first job roll in Wipro BPO was to answer customer queries in regards to medical insurance claims and also describe the benefits and eligibility of the health insurance as per the policies the customer is entitled to. My second job involved detection of credit card frauds. Once I find an on going fraudulent activity on a customer's credit card, my responsibility was to cancel and reissue a new card. Next, in Teleminds and Clarus, my job description was to troubleshoot internet and phone issues. Added to troubleshooting, I also helped the new customers set up there phone and internet. Customers in these two organisations were located in Australia. Other than troubleshooting, I also took care of the billing queries and also the logistics requirements of the necessary hardwares required to set up the internet. Lastly, in my present organization Commscope, my work is to take care of the issues raised by the customer via tickets and also answer chats and calls. The prime work is to ensure the licensing on the physical and virtual controllers, switches and access points. Secondary to this, I also need to work on the logistics of any hardware, that needs to be replaced, to keep the internet services uninterrupted for home and business customers. Menos

my self i had made project on microcontroller based 8-device controller

It's a large company in Bangalore City I have great opportunity to show my skills regarding their job position Menos

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face to face. based on what you say

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Hi one of my friend attended the same interview and selected but no offer letter yet. Please let me know if you get any information on this... Menos

when did you attend? what post is it? my interview was for support engineer and collabera is outsourcing company. once you clear face to face round or cleared. you have to meet them again for training. they wont be sending any offer letters. You just have to go n meet them. Am telling you again they wont send offer letter. you have to go n meet them on the date they told you during your face to face round. After reaching tell them the recruiter name/one who took face to face round. You have to under go training their for 4 weeks and they will again test you based on training (3 chances will be given to you to clear test) and then they place you to their clients and pay roll will be of collabera. Menos

Hi, Thanks for reply. the interview is for service desk. They said there will be training for 3 weeks on behalf of HCL. The interview was on April 30.On the day of interview they said that they are going to send an offer letter in 3 days.When we contacted them 10 days later from date of interview,it was told it will take some more time. but its already 48 days Still waiting for offer letter...On your suggestion i will check on the next working day but we are not aware about recruiter name....Please let me know what else we can do. Thank you, Menos

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What would you do if minutes before your shift your computer wouldn't turn on?

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Did you have a final interview with the hiring manager? Was it more technical based questions? Thanks! Menos

I haven't had it yet but once I do I will update you with the answer soon after. :) Menos

They asked me STAR questions, that I wasn't prepared for. I studied Q&A on this entire site and he didn't ask me not one of those questions. I was shocked, thrown off and didn't get the offer. I'll be better prepared next time, with recorder on and everything, lol Menos

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Tell about yourself

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Khanlar,Azerbaijan, Engineering having more 30 years experience in the sea and the construction of new vessels Menos

I am Kayode Akintayo from Nigeria with higher national diploma in Electrical engineering with more ten years experience in computer systems Menos

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a detailed troubleshooting scenario for VPN was asked. a site-to-site VPN, user from one site cannot get to a resource on another site.

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Hello, Can anyone tell me the best link to study troubleshooting scenarios from?

#sh vlan brief

There was no one answer for this, and since I didn't know much about vpns, the interviewer guided me through the possible answers! Menos

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2nd Round (1 hour) Programming related question on java and c/c++ Each section has 8 questions (2 programming and 6 multiple choice) 3rd Round - Phone Interview

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How was the phone interview? you didn't have on-site interview?

Phone interview was good. They asked the questions which are there on the blackboard and there a set of mathwork interview questions on You can also refer that Menos

can we choose any two language out of 5.?

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Asked me about Networking, Windows Servers, SQL query and Linux. Basic commands and scenario based question.

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I gave pre-employment written exam on one Friday and got the call for second stage interview by coming Wednesday. On Friday we had the written exam and Sunday was due date for assignment. All the best. Sometimes they might take longer to reply. Keep us updated. Menos

hi! can you please tell me what kind of questions did they ask you in the pre empl. written exam ? Menos

It was 5 page exam. Networking, Windows Server, Linux commands, Scripting and Internet protocols. All the best. Menos

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You work on 60th floor of 100 story building. You walk into your office and find a bomb sitting on your desk. It reads 90 seconds and is counting down. What do you do?

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I would keep calm because it is obviously a fake bomb. Bombs with big countdown displays only happen in the movies. Menos

Pull the nearest fire alarm to get people out of the building as quickly as possible, then get the bomb to a corner and place myself on the opposite side of the floor (or inside a fire escape, which is thicker than drywall) Menos

I will go the top of the building (roof) , which might take maybe 60 seconds (assuming the lift is not too slow), and when 6 seconds are remaining, I will throw it diagonally away (as high as I can and as far from the building as I can) so that it explodes Mid air which significantly reduces the probability of any kind of damage or loss. Menos

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Explain what happens when you open a web browser and type in ""

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Why did you decline?

To be honest, I declined it because I had a better offer. Better in the sense of more money, and lots of travel opportunities. I would love to work for Amazon, but if someone wants to pay for me to spend 4 months in Asia, I'm not going to say no. I still highly recommend applying for this job, and if I didn't accept this other one, I would have definitely accepted Amazon. Menos

Hi, me again, the Anon from above. Writing to you again on the off-chance that you happen to check this before Friday as I've been invited for an on-site interview. I'd appreciate any more details you're willing to share in regards to the on-site process: when you say it "covered your personality" does this refer to behavioral and/or aptitude type questions? Were the technical questions they asked similar to the sort of questions on the test? I'd love any examples of questions they asked you or advice you'd have for me. Also FYI: Anyone else reading this that might be wondering - it took Amazon just under two weeks after I submitted the take-home assignment to invite me for an on-site interview. Menos

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