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A un Supply Demand Planner le preguntaron...11 de junio de 2015

How many cars are there in the United States?

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Method 1 - Take population of the US, get data for economic classes and multiply by % owning cars in each class (or estimate this data). These are cards on road. Now we add this to cars in dealerships and factories - Get car sales data for the year, divide by 12 and add this to the previous estimation of on road cars (this is making a broad assumption that there is a months worth of inventory lying around) Menos

Depends if you count the ones that are for sale

can you tell me what was the case study?

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They gave me a case study on a Friday evening to complete for my interview, which was the next Monday. I thought this was inconsiderate of my weekend time.

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You don't need to pay $200k and get an MBA to learn how to do a case study. Many are prepared just through their professional experiences. Some prepare through online research on websites like Glass Door. Regardless, sounds like your condescending attitude and unwillingness to gain new skills in a short period of time eliminated your candidacy. For everyone else: the case study is doable. I didn't have much clue on how to attack this problem but I ran my answers against some fellow consultant and supply chain friends. A couple gave me good advice and I eventually landed a planning role. Good luck to all. Menos

Can you share more about the case study?

I did not make enough assumptions. I have never done a case study for an interview before. Sorry I didn't get an MBA and pay 200k+ to learn how to do case studies. Menos

Four Hands

Walk us through your resume and tell us about your history and the positions you held.

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You seem very angry. An interview has to happen before someone gets the job. We don’t all have to agree, my friend. That is life. Menos

Thats because this interview never happened and you most likely working for the company. How dare you try to discredit some one on how they felt. Menos

Pick 'n Pay

Tell us about yourself question

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highschool highlights university highlights hobbies

I'm a very loving and caring person. I always wanna help where i can and i feel terrible if I'm unable to help somebody. I'm young, full of energy and one of my biggest dreams is one day to become a manager of this huge company.🙂 Menos


There was nothing unexpected. You'll need to prepare for a case in two days.

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yes can you share the case study?

Can you share more about the case study? How should we prepare for it? What was it based on? Menos


What do you know about Philips?

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Hello there, do they give you a final answer ore decision about your interview? Because I have been interview for the same position and I am still waiting for answer....Thank you Menos

I have an upcoming on site interview with three separate managers

Woolworths Group

Previous experience within Replenishment. Behavioral based questions. Need to Very savvy with SAP as well as Excel (huge bonus). See how well you handle a very fast paced environment. Able to react quickly in a dynamic work space. Vendor management with superior communication skill (Extremely important)

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Truthfully don't try and pull the wool over peoples eyes. Mangers can see through it. Be enthusiastic and truly have a passion for the role other wise don't apply. IQ will only get you so far you must posses social and behavioral skills as well (common knowledge). Menos


Questions stressing deadlines and work ethic.

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Tell them what they want to hear.


Questions were very much around gauging my skills.

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I provided answers with examples to give evidence-based information that can be validated. Menos


how I see myself in 5 years?

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i see myself being a manager of operations and supply chain of a multinational

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