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SF State University
A un Summer Student Research Assistant for CARE Lab le preguntaron...13 de octubre de 2019

What projects would you be interested in working on?

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I said that I would be interested in doing controls. When Dr. Quintero started to list a few projects, I picked the projects that I was interested in. Menos

I will be interested in creativity projects

I would be interested in fabrication and creativity projects, I like inventing into new ideas Menos

State of Michigan

What would I do if I was told to re-do a response to a constituent?

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The proper answer was that I would explain why I did things the way I did and then I would redo it if it was still needed. Menos

But, aren't the questions supposed to be answered in the STAR format?

Leiden University

Would you like to be a mentor to first-year International Studies students from all over the world?

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I would be happy to help with the mentorship programme. How I can assist?

Yes. I like to assist. How is it possible?

State of Michigan

What would you do if something occurred and you were not sure what to do?

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If any issue arises and I am unaware with how to do a particular task. I would not hesitate to ask for help. Menos

Did you have a background check too? How long did it take for them to call you back after you took the drug test? Menos

Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District

Tell us about your experience working with diverse groups of people

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Ta Assistant teacher job work


Washington State University

What would I do if a USB stick didn't appear when I plugged it in?

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Ensure it isn't dead, ensure it isn't corrupted, ensure its formatted correctly.

Erasmus University

o.a wat zijn je sterke en zwake eigenscappen?

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je moet demken aan STAR method toepassen om deze vragen te beatworden

What is your future career

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In becoming a pediatrician

University of Kentucky

What does your class schedule look like?

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Very flexible so I told them my class schedule.


What is your grades

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Showed the transcript

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