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A un Strategic Sourcing Manager le preguntaron...28 de septiembre de 2015

How did I like the employee discounts at my last company I worked for (it was a corporate position within a Global retail fashion company for women....I'm a male).

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None of the sizes quite fit me.

Not sure why that question was asked but given that the interview allegedly talked about herself..I think they just brought you in to pick your brains for fresh idea for FREE! Menos

Agilent Technologies

Why do you live in San Francisco? How come you want to know about commuting, don't you have a car. Are you married? Do you have children?

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It is illegal to ask if you are married or have children.

Did my best to respond to a burned out team that seemed to have strong bias. Found many of their questions too personal and offputting. Questions seemed to be asked to disqualify me as I was male and from San Francisco. Menos

Radisson Hotels Americas

How do you handle difficult people?

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By giving compliments

Showing my job and responsibilities for them


How will you do source2procure for banks, if earlier no experience?

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No yet I dont have any experience but I know how to gather knowledge /experience if anyone teachs me. Menos

I haven't ant experience on customer from 2011 to till date I am working on it. Now I am expert in excel. I know how to gather experience if anyone teach me. Menos


If it took 6 men 3 hours to load a truck, how long would it take 4 men?

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Not enough information given. 4 men might not be able to load the truck if it was a min 6-man job. The 4-man crew may be able to do it faster if they loaded the truck with a more efficient process method. There are too many variables to consider but just using mathmatical statistics it would take 4.5 hrs Menos

Answers were mutiple choice and along this thinking.

Baker Hughes

What I would do if it was Friday at 3 o'clock and the supplier was putting us on credit hold and not delivering any more product.

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escalate to my boss to get them involved to get a resolution to not interrupt business. Menos

In the first place, you shouldn't allow the situation to come to that critical path before escalating. In strategic supply chain management, rooms must be given for buffers in delivery lead times and expedited delivery actions based on project schedule and if the supplier was unable to meet up with these, critical escalation steps and remedy actions have to go board. Menos


Tell about yourself?

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It's my pleasure to introduce myself My name is Shilpa Ghosal from India city kolkata. I have done graduation in the stream of BA History From Calcutta University. Prior to this , I have completed intermediate and matriculation from WB board. We are 4 member in my family. My father is a daily worker and mother so a house maker and I have a little sweet sister. My hobbies are dancing, singing, cooking, larning new language. I am an honest ,self motivated and hardworking person with a positive attitude towards my career and my life. I have started my career with TCS on 2011, till now I am working in same organization. That's all about me Sir. Thank you. Menos

It's my pleasure to introduce myself. My name is Rajvinder Kaur from India city Uttarakhand. Menos

University of Connecticut

Asked what was the least effective aspect of my former supervisor's management style

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I somewhat hedged and said that his communication style needed work

Radisson Hotels Americas

Are you willing to travel?

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What's your negotiating style?

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Talked about a couple past negotiations. 1 example of a win-win, 1 competitive. Talked about how leadership and communication styles impacted the outcomes. Menos

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