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A un Animation Story Artist le preguntaron...4 de junio de 2020

She asked if I had feature animation experience

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I answered that I had worked on many features / often in a supervising role


Was I interested in hiring on to Netflix as a board artist for their animation department / studio ?

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I answered it would really depend on the project. I asked if she could share a little more about what the film or series was ? She said she didn't know and would get back to me on that maybe. After a week she notified me by email that Netflix was no longer interested in hiring me. Menos


Depends on the interview director's style, could be the same old interview question, but also questions reflect on the show.


Tell us about you Have any previous experience


They asked about my process, how long it usually takes me to get through a scene, if i was experienced with action heavy scenes, what my communication was like among team members, etc.

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