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A un Assistant Store Manager le preguntaron...3 de octubre de 2019

What are you career aspirations?

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I love to work talking with people alone and with team

Grow a career with the company, improve my skills, become a retail operations supervisor then represent the company expansion in other countries. Menos

I wish that I have benefited this company by working with this company and I can earn money from here with hard work and honesty to better support my home. Menos

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Taco Bell

What is most important to you in life?

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St joe

Working hard right now

Providing for my son and family

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It's Christmas time and an employees drawer keeps coming up short repetitively what do you do?

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You tell the manager.

retrain and discipline if continues.

If there has been proper audits done throughout shift and employee has been warned on paper then termination of employment is the next step. Menos

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What impression would someone have of you in the first 5 minutes of speaking with them?

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Knowledgeable and very helpful

Great guy

Very positive

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Toys "R" Us

What are your weaknesses?

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I tend to say yes too much and I get overly committed. For example I feel as If I cannot say no when I comes to helping out another coworker and covering shifts. This gave me extra time to work on any skills I was lacking. This weakness actually helped me build the skills I have today. Menos

Ball pits

I have said in past interviews that some people may consider me quiet, but that I am an excellent listener and great with communicating on a business level Menos

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Food Lion

What areas do you think you need to improve as a manager?

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Shut my mouth more

I need to read materials

Follow the system

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Five Below

Why do I want to work for the company?

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I need a job to rent a appartment!!!

I love your store I shop at five below for my grandsons a lot

Because I know in my heart I'll be a great team player and a great candidate for my company. Menos

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The Landmark Group

how you calculate ATV

7 respuestas

total sale / number of customer

Total Sales divided by Number of Invoices ( Sales / No of Invoice )

Total Sales divided by Number of Invoices ( Sales / No of Invoice )

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OLX Group

when can you join

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Any Time

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Tell me about yourself?

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My self G.prasanth I am from Kurnool district dhone mandal I completed postgraduate MBA 2019 in KVSRIT kurnool. my family background my father is former my mother house strength is I am self-motivated person and hard work person.thank you sir Menos

I am a student of commerce and I can work in adhar Moll in that Moll 0.6 year experience Menos

My name is satendra singh and qalefiction fainal +DOAP computer diploma+ CCC Menos

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