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A un Store Keeper le preguntaron...3 de enero de 2018

How much experience do you have?

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2 years experience in stork keeper in cocoa store

2 year in injection machine

I have 8 years of experience in store keeper including retail and f&b

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CR Asia Group

working experience

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Admin hr 8.2 year exeprience

7years experience in store keeper . and cashier. Billing. Documents controlling

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Can Handle Independently -Men &Material Controlling & handling, Material Checking , Theoretical Steel Checking , Local Purchasing , Ledger Maintain , Checking Material which comes at Site. Maintaining day-to-day Material Report. Making Formalities(G.R.N, M.R. N. etc) Co-Ordinate With Project Manger & Purchase Dept Making Issue material Notes for Contractors. Making Re- Consolation of Material with Client. Independently handling large project. Sending DPR to Authorized persons daily wise

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Preparation of Daily & Monthly Consumption Report. Gate-pass making for Material and Record Maintain for Returnable-Non Returnable Material etc. Menos

I’ll handle bcoz I do this everyday

Alshaya Trading

How been long here? How you know about this job and our address? Did you have knowledge about this job and its responsibilities? Yes/no?

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How you describe your post and work skill? Is this possible to do this or not?


General question about store work and computer skills

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very well , satisfied

The Coca-Cola Company

driving of forklift,how to keep records, the type of records to keep

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it was nice

Gammon India Limited

I have knowledge in stores. So, i have not feel its deficult

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I know what is store keeper work.A store keeper everyday chek in caming & out going metirials & details metirials.Everyday metirials sent company site. Menos

Saudi Archirodon

WHAT ARE THE STORE PROCEDURES? elated to my education and family member and family back ground

Malabar Group of Companies

store materials and that kepting methods

id Software

Tell me about Your Self.

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