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Dollar Tree
A un Cashier/Stocker to Assistant Manager le preguntaron...25 de marzo de 2015

When can you start?

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As soon as possible And I go by the name Tionna peebles. I would love to do stocker at your home dollar Tree Menos

TODAY....which didn't happen because they make you do a ton of filling out forms online before you can even get on the payroll. Menos


Hardest question was explain what to do if you see someone shoplifting and are unable to contact loss prevention in time?

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Answer you should use is do your best to notify and give a good description of clothing height weight gender skin color. Menos

I agree

Charming Charlie

What do you think you could bring to CC that someone else can't?

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respect for the company view on its vision on the store, creativity with items, ability to see what sells in a particular store and adjust accordingly to prevent loss in sales and markdown, love being a team player Menos

Food City

What position are you looking for?

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When can you start work?

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Next week.

Capri Holdings

tell me about yourself

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I spoke about my prior experiences and related it to the job responsibilities. I walked them trough all my positions and achievements as well. I was let them know i was studying in this industry as well.I expressed my interest in the brand and hope of going to corporate level in the company. Further i explained how i was successful in stock superiors positions and the tools i used. Menos


How have you ever gone out of your way to help someone else.

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-made sure that they were helped out -did more than I was expected


what legacy will you leave behind

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systems and processes I have put in place


To briefly describe my management style

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Described it as friendly and approachable, with a desire to create an efficient and fun loving team Menos

Tell us about your self

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I told about me and my work attitude

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