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Golder Associates
A un Staff Scientist le preguntaron...12 de mayo de 2011

I guess not really a question because I was not asked - but several times the same person said she did not think I would be happy there.

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After answering the concern earlier in the interview process I did not know what to say by the end when it kept coming up. I did not think any answer would have changed her mind. Menos

That seems like a very odd and unprofessional thing for an interviewer to say. Even if it was a casual observation on the interviewer's part, I can't see it having any place in an interview for a career-level position. Menos

Based on your parallel to a candy store, I would imagine that the “you won’t be happy here” to mean, we can’t pay you what you’re expecting (ergo, you won’t be “happy” here). I had a very similar situation, I was over qualified for the position but had just moved cities. I was willing to ‘start’ somewhere, but they were skeptical whether I would stay long term, because they knew they couldn’t pay me what I was worth at the time. Menos


some technical questions regarding that position

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It was OK.

J Craig Venter Institute

A lot of us on the team surf, do you?

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No. However, I enjoy watching others surf.

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University

Questions about my research and about my ideas

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Just having a lot of fun

Tell us how your experiences could help in this role?

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Describe strengths


What would your last employer say was your greatest weakness?

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taking on too much responsibility at once


Do you find that organization is important.

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Engineering and Land Planning Associates

Describe/summarize my background and experience.

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I gave a quick chronological review of my resume, but focused on scientific design and project management experience gained while earning my most recent degree. Being able to describe a mix of tangible hard skills as well as concrete examples of my work ethic/initiative helped me answer that question. Menos


regular questions about ml, stats, like bayes theorem, stats tests and general assumption for solving linear regression, MLE/MAP

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the theory is covered in almost every book or course of math, stats and general ml Menos

Micron Technology

Basic sql questions, data science concepts

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Why is the recruitment process of a well reputed MNC so bad. The interviewe needs to keep waiting. A feed back is must, let it be negative also. Menos

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