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The Standard
A un Staff Assistant le preguntaron...12 de enero de 2018

What is a good time to talk with you about this position?

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Answered with a date and time. Received a confirmation but no actual call

This happened to me for a different position.

Same thing happened to me for an Underwriting position.

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Saudi Aramco

I would expect it would be: Are you prepared to live and work in a foreign land in the desert?

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Be honest with yourself.

I will do in sha allah

City of Santa Monica California

Give an example of the kind of customer service you've provided patrons in your previous employment.

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Give an answer that thoroughly shows you go above and beyond for your customers. Customer service is KEY in this employment. Menos

Is the test that you took the same as the Practical Test:Qualifying (Microsoft Windows 7 Operating Systems) or was it more focused on programs such as Excel and Word? And what exactly did you have to do in that test? Was it actually trying to create things with the programs? Menos


what is most important skill you have to contribute

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personal background

Kaiser Permanente

What are your weaknesses?

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I was very nervous about saying I had weaknesses. it can be negetive. We all have weaknesses so I was thinking and spent too long. **Next time I have prepared a few because I know that it a common question. Menos

U.S. Senate

What are you strengths? How important is customer service to you? Why do you want to work for this senator?

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I like the policies (enter specific policies here) that she has supported in the past. Menos

Tell me about a time that you totally blew it and what did you do?

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Not very well. Caught me completely off guard as I could not think of a time when I totally blew it at work. Menos

U.S. Senate

Would you ever express your opinion to the media?

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No, I would not.

University of Alabama in Huntsville

Do you like drama?

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ECS Limited

Describe your academic projects

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I have had to serve on multiple committees, whether it be in the lead role or a member of the committee. Currently I am the case manager of 20-21 students with disabilities. I have to teach them in achieving the goals that they are insufficient on. I have to write academic plans for them for the next school year. These plans can be behavioral/academic or both. Menos

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