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Palantir Technologies
A un SRO le preguntaron...16 de febrero de 2022

specific scenario-based questions on daily work

Palantir Technologies
A un SRO le preguntaron...23 de enero de 2022

They asked hypotheticals about the SRO position

Palantir Technologies
A un SRO le preguntaron...18 de enero de 2022

How do you organise your projects?

Very Good Security

How would you react to an alert that you didn't know how to solve?

Very Good Security

How would you respond to a false alarm?

Palantir Technologies
A un SRO le preguntaron...3 de febrero de 2021

General questions to assess past experience. Yours will be different than mine.

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Provide honest feedback and ask questions if the question is unclear.

Talen Energy
A un SRO le preguntaron...4 de septiembre de 2019

Tell me about a time you had to deal with a co-worker that was uncooperative...

A un SRO le preguntaron...8 de noviembre de 2017

Basic questions and asked to sell personal loan

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NuScale Power

Easy interview, only question was if I was ready to be a "individual contributor" after holding a higher level Nuclear OPS Management positions

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Explained that I had been an individual contributor and mentor already since I was a contractor at another site. Menos

Kenco Group

How would your attitude change if asked to work overtime given short notice?

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I like to work hard and challenges in life nothing can change if I have to work

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