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A un Speech Scientist le preguntaron...28 de junio de 2017

Write an English tokenizer

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employ dynamic programming or recursion.


How to train the first mono-phone acoustic model?

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I described the process to prepare the dictionary file, lexicon and use HTK for training and decoding. However, I cannot recall all the details. Menos


Programming question: find the number of connected components from 2-dimensional grid (mark 1s as component, 0s for others).

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I did the program in Python quickly using 2D array search and if-else conditioning. The interviewer agreed with my solution. However, he did mention that if I can do it in C++, it will be even better. Menos


Open question: can you describe some challenging problems you encounter and how do you solve it later?

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I described my understanding of a feed-forward neural network and later I enhance the flexibility and robustness of the framework, and apply it to some classification problem that in my daily work. Menos


Everything about your projects in detail?

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Technical details


Sorry I did not go to your talk this morning, I don't quite understand your work from your resume, why did you do that in your Ph.D


Where do you see yourself in 5 years


Asked about experience in linguistics and computer science, specifically with pattern recognition tools and models. Asked for details about relevant experience (in previous work, in school, and in outside projects) and for specifics about what I worked on and what tools I used.


Basic introduction and a logical reasoning test

Uniphore Software Systems

1. Describe the research activities and projects that I have worked so far in speech. 2. What is my experience in speaker diarisation? 3. How do I address the problem of speech overlap in diarisation? 4. How familiar I am with speech tools 5. Describe the working of E2E and Chainmodels in ASR 6. Explain bias-variance trade-off

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