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A un Project Manager/Content Developer le preguntaron...18 de noviembre de 2014

Even though it doesn't seem difficult, when asked where I saw myself in 2 years, I was a bit taken aback because I have had some major transitions in my personal life, which has made every bit of my future direction come into question.

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I was honest about the situation, and hope it didn't hurt my chances.


Why should we not hire you?

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This was not a difficult one, but it was unexpected. I took this question to be less of a trick question, and more of a question to make one think. Perhaps it is a similar interview question to the common "What's your greatest weakness", but I felt that it was a better approach to learning about a candidate, as the answer stands to communicate far more than the actual question demands. Menos

Panasonic Automotive

Presentation to all interviewers about auto industry trend

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I did some research and prepared the presentation before going on-site.


How do you kick off a project?

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Make sure that expectations are aligned across all stakeholders.


What's the difference between an Scrum Master and a Project Manager?

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A Scrum Master is focused on removing blockers to maximize velocity while a PM has budget oversight, baselines, and other responsibilities outside of ensuring day-to-day project traction. Menos

Samsung Electronics

Describe 3 of design patterns you are most familiar with.

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How to deal with memory leak issue in an embedded system.

The normal lineup of questions about background and where that overlaps with the company direction.

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Candidate was qualified. Candidate demanded AFTER the offer was made to 'work from home' at least one day per week. We told the candidate this job required all hands on deck in the office. Candidate was adamant about working from home to the point of annoyance, extremely pushy as the candidate lost his/her position in a downsized company and was pushing to land this job.. Candidate simply got greedy with expectations from a small start up. Menos

Alpine Home Air Products

Create a hand-drawn storyboard that describes an idea in pictures for a new product or application and how it would be used. The product can be anything you want and should convey inventiveness and ingenuity.

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I created a multiple page storyboard for an application that has real potential.


They definitely want to know how you fit in with their core values. They pick one or two and want to know how you feel about them and work with them.

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I answered honestly and truthfully which was easy because these core values are something I really wanted to believe in. Menos

Intel Corporation

Give me an example where you used an Agile method to track a project.

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I cited a project where the deliverables were split into 2-week segments. Although not exactly Scrum, since for the early stages code wasn't testable, it did allow for the project to be broken up into manageable chunks. Menos

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