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Zeus Learning Pvt. Ltd
A un Software Engineer le preguntaron...15 de agosto de 2022

Array traversal without using loop

Huawei Technologies

many topics were asked in incredible detail. These topics were: java, spring, servlet, sql,


1. describe an algorithm that find the consecutive subset whose sum is maximal 2. a lot of questions about their product

Tata Consultancy Services

they asked about my project

Kott Software

ADO.NET, ASP.NET WEB FORMS, Object oriented programming, Abstract class and interface

Do you want coffee or tea?

Pixel Image

What is OOPs and define concepts used in php.

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Only give basic replies to questions. No need of exaggerations


If I was willing to move to where the company needed me to based on the customers needs.

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I refused the offer

How does a router work?

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