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Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
A un Social Scientist le preguntaron...11 de febrero de 2015

What is the nature of your disability and do you need any special arrangements? I'm not joking.

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I am not sure whether that question is legal during the recruitment process. (To ascertain the requirements for a disabled individual yes, but asking about the nature of a disability, no...) Menos

United States Federal Government

They asked if I had any questions for them

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I had prepared a number of specific, content questions about their work but did not ask a lot of the more general questions that I should have -- what are their biggest challenges, what qualities make someone successful in this position, etc. Menos

Mott MacDonald

How would I resolve a situation with a difficult team member? Specific thematic questions.

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First of all try to keep in your mind a win-win goal. Acknowledge there is a situation need to be resolved. try to listen and understand his takeover, give a suggestion on how it will go. Demonstrate the process agreed and how this scenario will lead to be beneficial for both. Menos


The most difficult questions were project specific and included things like -- with 50,000 variables how did you account for missing data.

Intelligent Automation

There was a lot of interest in which programming language you were familiar with. They seemed to prefer R and Python, many had not heard of SAS or Stata, much less visualization software like Tableau.

Environmental Protection Agency

How much time can you spend on the job


How do you use principles of social science in your work (something like that)?


What do you know about the IRS? Not all questions made complete sense but the interviewers knew that.

Pew Research Center

Where do you think you would fit in this company?

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

How do you conduct literature reviews or data collections?

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