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A un Site Manager le preguntaron...27 de julio de 2016

what makes you think you would fit for this role? don t you think you are over qualified for the role

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I am sincere with my job. And i know I can easily handle all over the problems.... And work with honestly.. Menos

I am sincere with my job. And i know I can easily handle all over the problems.... And work with honestly.. Menos

I am sincere with my job. And i know I can easily handle all over the problems.... And work with honestly.. Menos

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What would I identify as my biggest shortcoming?

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Initially as am employee I would work hard to fit in the company. I am reliable, honest, open, and willing. I will ask for help if I need advice and seek to flourish with this group. Menos

I have no biases and get along with other employees. I am not judgmental, aggressive, dishonest, prideful, greedy, arrogant or racist. Pease, loving, understanding, and helpful. Menos

This is a question most people beat themselves up over daily. I believe my biggest shortcoming in my professional life would be overthinking what I am doing and pushing to hard for perfection. Menos

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Asked if I was only interested in the position for short term gain and would be moving on real quick.

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Relocation is the biggest concern that they have. It is extremely hard to find someone to relocate to SW Wyoming and live in the high desert. The winters are harsh, the summers are windy and dusty and the commute can be dangerous. Most people with skills have better options available. Many punch their ticket and move on after the 2 year payback period for sign-on/relocation perks. I find it extremely interesting that you did not get a plant tour. It would certainly make me wonder what the plants look like, probably old and in dis-repair? Sure is a red flag. Was anyone in maintenance on the interview team? Menos

Different John here, than the flip answer. I would like to hear more from you. I interviewed for the same position and they haven't gotten back with me either, maybe based on your acceptance. I found many of the same issues. We should connect and compare notes. On LinkedIn? Menos

Are you kidding, why would I move to wy just to leave. It would be impossible to sell your house Menos

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Extra Space Storage

have you submitted your application and resume via or company Web site?

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Yes, I have, I've also been to two other locations, called, and applied through two other job search engines. Still, no confirmed appointment for a scheduled interview. Menos

Never apply for the Buford location, it's a waste of time and the district manager is not fit for his position, apply somewhere else, you have a better chance with a decent human being Menos

When you apply online there are screening questions that if you don't answer "correctly" you will not even be offered an interview. Menos


How many bits is the access flags of a file?

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I'd say 9, since the three bits you have mentioned have to be multiplied by the three user groups (owner, group, others). rwxrwxrwx Menos

9 is closest, but you may have forgotten about 3 more bits used for special access; setgid, setuid, and the sticky bit. Which makes 12. They are part of the inode that describes the file permissions and file type - the last 4 are the file type but not related to permissions, which is what the question asked. Menos

Traditional Unix permissions are broken down into: so answer is 3 read (r) write (w) execute file/access directory (x) Each of those is stored as a bit, where 1 means permitted and 0 means not permitted. Menos


What is hungerbox?

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Refer in wiki

HungerBox is a full stack, business to business food-tech company delivering food solutions for companies in India. Menos

Goodman Solutions

How much would you take the Job for?

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No less than $75,000

Knowing how unethical Goodman is regarding their lay off process I wouldn't consider this position for less than 100k, benefits plus vehicle, home wifi and phone reimbursement. 75k is a joke... NOBODY with any experience at all would take that. Even tower hands make more than than. Hilarious how Goodman posts this ridiculous fairytales. Nice to know nothing has changed for them over the years. Menos

Remedy Intelligent Staffing

Nothing amazing stands out in terms of interview questions.

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I had the same issue in Westerville Ohio. A big joke the interview if that's what you call it wasnt!! I never been through anything like this before. They run around like you said over a week saying we got you a job but never tell who it is either. Im like you. I like to look into that employer to see how they treat people and wages. Menos

These reviews they have on here with 4 stars are fake they are from the recruiters posting fake names. Menos


can you make by pre op time?

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This evening right? What's the exact time? But yes I'll b there


How would you count the # of words in a text ?

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In bash tr ' ' '\n'|fgrep -c "word" in python list.count('word') perl: #!/usr/bin/perl my $count = 0; open(FH, './dumbfile'); foreach ( ) { split / /; if ($_ =~ /word/) { $count++; } } print "Found $count instances of word\n"; So yeah. Menos

In bash tr ' ' '\n'|fgrep -c "word" in python: with open('./dumbfile', 'r') as f: count = 0 for line in f.readlines(): for item in line.split(): if item == 'word': count +=1 print "%d instances of word" % count perl: #!/usr/bin/perl my $count = 0; open(FH, './dumbfile'); foreach ( ) { @new = split / /, $_; foreach(@new) { if ($_ =~ /word/) { $count++; } } } print "Found $count instances of word\n"; Menos

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