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A un Human Resources Customer Service Representative le preguntaron...25 de noviembre de 2019

A supervisor walks you upstairs and tells you about the company. When you get to the interview room the supervisor's inside ask you what she told you.

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one of the supervisors in the room was yawning and acting like he could care less about my answers. Very unprofessional to say the least. Menos


There were no real formal interview questions. Just a discussion on what would be expected.

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Was salary ever discussed for this position? I wondered what they start at

HUB International

Have you worked in the Insurance line of work before? How flexible are you about being under pressure? What is the reason you decided to apply here?

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No I have not worked in insurance before. I am very flexible and work better under pressure than not. I like to learn new things and find challenges fun and interesting. Menos


Describe your decision-making process when you need to assess an application for financing a line of business you know nothing about.

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I would start with asking the client in-depth questions about their business in particular and industry overall, learn more about its operation and payment cycle, customers and vendors. If necessary, I would ask for an additional year or two of financial statements to have a clearer picture about the existing trends. Menos


where do you see yourself in 5 years, name a time when i didn't provide adequate customer service, how would i handle a irate customer

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with honesty

Charlie’s Produce

I was asked things like: In my previous (or current) role what were my job responsibilities. What if any experience did I have with computers and various computer programs. How I would handle going from a fast paced job in retail to a more computer based job in an office. What kind of schedule I was looking for. What my salary requirement would be.

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I explained the many job responsibilities i had in my then current role as Customer Service Manager of a large grocery retailer. I told them of the extensive computer experience and recent training in the Microsoft Office programs that I have. I explained that i was ready for a change from retail. Fast paced was an understatement. I was beginning to feel burnedout and loved the idea of working in an office setting. I told them that coming from retail i would really love to have a M-F job but that i was open to whatever the needs of the business were. I explained that i was looking for something that would be comparable to my previous job's salary. Menos

Bank of America

A customer is eager to close their file today, but you do not have the appropriate signing authority to do so. Your manager and anyone else with authority have left for the day. What do you do?

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Do not sign/close the file. Only authorized employees can sign files. Indicate that you would follow-up with the customer or escalate internally or make it a priority the following day. Menos


cosa che pensi che un'azienda dovrebbe avere per far si che sia la tua scelta ?

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penso che l'azienda dovrebbe puntare sulla formazione del dipendente

Baylor Scott & White Health

What is your greatest professional achievement?

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Saving lives.

Foundation Risk Partners

How do you go about deciding which carrier to quote a potential client with?

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I use my knowledge about the carriers underwriting guidelines and coverage offerings. If I’m unsure I will reference guidelines or contact underwriters to determine which carrier best fits the clients needs. Menos

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