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Yemek Sepeti
A un Senior UI-UX Designer le preguntaron...10 de febrero de 2021

Do you know anyone working in YemekSepeti?

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No, I don't.

No but i want :\

Sobre inteligência emocional, pois hoje é muito importante a comunicação entre a equipe.

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Sou uma pessoa comunicativa e tento sempre manter a tranparência, motivaçnao e a equipe unida. Menos

Cherwell Software

Give a description of your overall professional background

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Chat about a specific project and how you added value

Bank of Hodlers

First I was asked about my expected CTC to know "whether we can afford you".

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I answered in the 30% range of hike for a new job and knew right then from Darshan's tone that he was not interested and decided to side with someone else who was cheaper, which in turn leads to simple designs. Menos

Cloud Devs

English assessment level, your background and professional experience.

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I briefly talked about my experience and professional goals.


financial app designs are different, how they are?

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jazz and blues are different but come under "music"


Generally about my career experience

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I discussed my career experience

Colorado State University

They gave you a design assignment, asking for specific suggestions. I can't but help that they are using the interview process to gain free design advice.

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In my final interview I presented how I would engage a long term user research program. It turns out they were primarily looking for suggestions - which they stated clearly after the fact. Again this makes me wonder about their motivations / honesty. Menos


Qual meu processo de trabalho

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Expliquei várias formas que eu trabalho


Get your portfolio updated and re-submit your application!

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Despite explaining that I was working on updating my online portfolio, this RUDE manager was finding excuses to brush me off. He used the old tactic of pretending that he a bad connection at his office to hang up on me. He did call me back only to reiterate that I needed a better portfolio. Menos

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