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Build the next Alexa feature for travelers


Tell us about a time where you had to dig into data to uncover an insight


Tell me the time you failed something and how could you have done differently?


[Going deeper into the scenario we discussed] how would you measure that? What success metrics would be most appropriate?


How would I deliver bad news to a client.


Technical: Challenges of distributed systems, Integrations with 3rd party systems Product: how would you handle feature request from a customer Culture: How would you convince an executive to your point of view on a product


What is your vision for Uber Reservations


Why am I interested in Patient Point?

Amazon Web Services

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Seguir os LP e descrever de forma clara, contextualizando e mostrando os resultados alcançados em experiências prévias que corroborem os princípios. Menos


Talk about your experiences with the full breadth of technical stack at your last employer

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