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A un Senior Technical Project Manager le preguntaron...16 de junio de 2018

This position appears to be a big leap for you, why are you interested?

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Umm... did you not read my resume?

I’m looking for a job that will make me slightly uncomfortable. If you’re 100% capable of a job you are moving into you will become complacent and at that point you are no longer learning and growing. I want my next position to push me Menos


All interviews were focused on leadership principles, and required me to talk through scenarios in context of the principles. Since this interview was for a product manager - technical role, I was asked some questions related to agile software development, and had to also submit a writing exercise.

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Had prepared about 8 main stories which captured previous projects well - in light of the leadership principles (i.e. demonstrated customer obsession, frugality, deliver results, .. ). Beyond talking through the stories, the interviewers were very interested in drilling down into details (asked lots of challenge questions, validated data/calculations, asked me to quantify success/impact from stories). Overall it was an exhausting, intense, but fun interview experience. Menos

Could you please tell more about the agile software development questions asked and the technical expertise required in the answers Menos

Amec Foster Wheeler

What year did you graduate?

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Told them even though it is not relevant and could allow them to discriminate on the basis of age. Menos

Maritz Loyalty Marketing

The questions were typical behavior questions. Lately I have been asked how I handle conflicts with team members.

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I like to get to the root of the conflict, ask questions and see if I can resolve the issue. Menos

Blackstone Technology Group

Do you work late hours and can you handle high stress

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Crest Nicholson

There was a strong focus on my technical ability

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I showed previous examples of difficult projects I worked on


Explain the entire TCP handshake Most of the questions have to do with the basic working of the internet and browsers..

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1. TCP Handshake: a. SYN, b. SYN-ACK c. ACK (you can look into details) 2. Mention in detail on how a site name is resolved by a browsr including recursive name resolution - do read a little on Akamai helps the interaction overall - bonus points on how Akamai best handles security in the cloud! Know your DNS cold!! Menos


Describe the full DNS flow for an http request.

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Best if you can draw a picture showing the flow, including the requesting browser, ISP's DNS caching server, authoritative server, etc. (too long to put in here). Menos


The usual Akamai questions. How does DNS, the internet and streaming work... nothing new here.

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With a professional, well received diagram of the problem and the solution.


How do you change the mind of people who think differently then you

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I use data to support my opinions and ask them to do the same.

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