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Petrokon Utama Sendirian Berhad (PUSB)
A un Senior Structural Engineer le preguntaron...10 de agosto de 2012

How many days you will wok in our company?

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As long as you have good project.

As long as you want me to work here

As long as you want me to work here

Building & Construction Authority

what are your past projects

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just told them what i did and the challenges


Would you send us PDFs of your engineering designs?

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I stated I will not do this because it is unethical.


Why did you move from the US?

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My wife's company transferred her here.

QinetiQ Group

A scenario was put up on a white board and i was asked what the bending moment diagram shape would look like.

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The question as trying to understand if you knew where the main bending moments would be. Menos

Coffman Engineers

Why did you leave California in 2009?

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Because there were no jobs available.


Explain about the previous projects handled and basic technical questions and question related to software used.

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How long did it take to recieve an offer letter after interview?


long interrogation on project management and budgeting as if the interviewer want me to read from an open book none professional questions at all

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i tried my best


What is my role in present company and nature of job at site etc.

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Handling technically for site execution in a Contracting Company for construction of High Rise Buildings and Towers Menos

Louis Berger

How is my commitment in accepting the contract offer.

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I am a FAT person, means F-faithful, A-available and T-teachable.

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