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A un Senior Content Strategist le preguntaron...10 de agosto de 2016

Describe how you deal with difficult personalities and bring them around to your approach.

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I find out what's important to them, and present my solution in a way that shows I'm going to honor their priorities or at least not violate their "non negotiables". Menos

I find out what's important to them, and present my solution in a way that shows I'm going to honor their priorities or at least not violate their "non negotiables". Menos


Peter Mayer asked for a full brand strategy presentation for their own agency as a second interview

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I didn't create a typical presentation deck; I only used photos in my slides and talked through high-level strategy ideas only, not details of the changes I would execute as part of that strategy. If an agency wants to execute my strategy, they should hire me and pay me for my time and ideas. I can't trust a company that asks for my best work for free. There's no reason why they couldn't hire on a contract basis if they want a more detailed project. Menos

This candidate misunderstood the assignment. As well, it is emphasized upfront that these exercises are to display how the candidate thinks through problems - the work is never meant to be used by the agency. Menos

ID Media Worldwide

What do I know about ID Media

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Do your homework


My past work experience related questions

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I was given a scenario and asked how will I plan out a strategy for the same


What is the absolute minimum salary you are willing to take?

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I should've put down the phone. What kind of company asks this? You pay for quality, not bargain with it. Menos


How do you formulate strategies for this A2 milk brand?

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By educating the potential customers about the benefit of A2 milk to Indonesia using social media amplification and make sure it's available in retail stores. Menos

Sky One Federal Credit Union

Q: Can you put together a digital marketing strategy sample for the interview?

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A: Challenge accepted! It was a fun project to work on since I love doing digital marketing. Menos


What do you know about f5 as a company?

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Described what I knew about the company f5


Qual foi o melhor trabalho que você fez? Funcionou na prática?

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Participar da concorrência de uma marca do setor alimentício, vencer a própria concorrência e desenvolver a comunicação com a ajuda do cliente. Além de funcionar, o resultado foi excelente. Menos


If you had a high performing employee that generated $2 Million in sales but was difficult with the team, and another that generated $1 Million but was cohesive with the team, which one would you prefer?

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I answered that I'd rather have a cohesive team rather than an individual who might be impacting others in their style. Menos

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