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A un Senior Staff Data Scientist le preguntaron...7 de agosto de 2020

1- ML and Deep learning questions 2- Sparse matrix implementation 3- unit testing

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2- Use dictionary in python 3- Just consider edge cases

Element Biosciences

How did you troubleshoot? How stable is the transposase? Did you have experience mentoring other people?


What is k means

EEC Environmental

I was asked how much experience I had in rather particular detail, down to how many specific types of report I had done.

EEC Environmental

If I was ok with doing more "menial" work on occasion, such as phone answering, report compiling, lower staff level work.


How do you manage and lead efforts to promote accuracy in clinical research.

Langan Engineering and Environmental Services

Tell me a difficult situation you encountered in the field and how you handled it?

Valo Health

Why I was interested? What kind of skills I have?


Process: Life Story, Simple Pandas Exercise, 2 "technical" conversations, Simple python OOP exercise


Mathematical solution to system of equations

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