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A un Senior Sales Specialist le preguntaron...21 de diciembre de 2018

Task i normally did for my role in previous organisations Scenarios given and what would i do in those particular

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Step by step tasks i accomplished daily in sales cycle. Prioritizing a per business needs Menos


What is the worst thing you believe about working at Telstra

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I only suggested that it can be difficult to navigate such a large organisation


Why do you want to work at Ergeon?

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It's a new company that in only 3 years has proven themselves to be a hugely promising and exciting place to work at. Big working opportunity for people like me looking to learn new ways of doing things, become a master and grow within the company. Menos

Veritas Technologies

Q1: How is my daily work routine? Q2: On average, how many request you handled daily. Q3: What is the current post's roles & responsibility.

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Shared roles & responsibilities covered in former company, expectations and experiences. Overall delightful. Menos


Why should Ergeon hire you? What could you bring to the table?

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I can bring sincerity, trust and empathy to customer interactions to help build lasting connections. Menos


What interests you about this company?

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Response was tailored to the recent investments made to shore up its presence in Canada. Hit a home run when I was able to discuss how this would improve its competitiveness. Menos


Think about three words to describe the company

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Passion, Innovation, Change


What previous experience do you have working in a fast-paced environment?

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I have a lot of experience working in high-pressure situations and actually work better under pressure. Gave relevant examples. Menos

NCSA College Recruiting

Nothing too unexpected.

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Nothing too unexpected

Hewlett Packard Enterprise | HPE

Basically they asked questions about my salary, details of my commission plan, benefits like health insurance and car allowance, etc. when I was able to start. They haven`t asked questions about achievements, results or any other thing related to the job itself.

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There is no mystery here, I answered the questions and gave a brief description of my expertise in selling Enterprise Software. Menos

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