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A un Senior Manager, Sales Strategy & Operations le preguntaron...29 de noviembre de 2021

Why Salesforce? Why are you looking to move jobs?

I can't remember the exact questions. It wasn't a usual interview.


Tell me about yourself/ story


What do you want to do with your career in the future? Tell me about your experience de with salesforce?


Describe your best deal

Marriott International

Walk me through your CV

Veritas Technologies

They asked hackneyed interview questions. For example, "If you were putting on a play, would you rather be the writer, the director, the star, or the stage crew?" - or something to that effect.


What's your career goal and aspirations


My experience, skills, process flow, techniques etc. pretty generic


Tell me your experience in forecasting and pipeline. What size, what systems, frequency and stakeholders involved

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