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A un Senior Sales Executive le preguntaron...17 de mayo de 2022

what are you doing in your current role today


current role today and what I have been doing


My interviewers gave me the opportunity to explain how comfortable I would be to work at an emerging wealthtech company and what experience I had of covering different business/client segments and geographies.

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When answering, I was able to leverage my prior experience of working at small startups, and in both technical and client-facing roles within investment banking/asset management. I sensed that Exante has an eye for hiring go-getters who can work smart, remotely, take initiative where it matters and work collaboratively within teams. I was also able to articulate a clear business plan for my market and to share relevant examples of previous achievements. Menos


Asked lots of questions about sales processes and examples of major deals closed.


How would you target your potential clients. What tactics would you use?

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LinkedIn, networking, direct emails, thought leadership


Please discuss your work history.

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Discussed at length my successful chronological work history.


Please describe your sales process?

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Lol... a pretty amateurish question - a sales process can be many things depending upon the position, company what point in the sales cycle, etc. Step by step, the theory behind why certain sales process works... there are many ways to answer so I took the simplest route and explained step-by-step how I successfully approached qualification, strategic targeting to match our product & process, filling the funnel, what level to call on to build consensus & trust among different departments within complex organizations (at their exact same customers) while pointing to specific successful examples. Menos


Tell me about your past experience.

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Discussed job history & success/fit for position.


Do you love to win or do you hate to lose more?


Explain a time you went above and beyond for your client and gave them an exceptional experience.

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Confidential due to content of answer.

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