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A un Senior Sales Account Manager le preguntaron...7 de agosto de 2023

They asked me the reason I decided to join Exante.

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i told them I want to become a part of a company whose objectives aligned with my personal goals. Menos

ExaGrid Systems, Inc.

Behavioural and situation questions depending on contacts.

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To the point and then adding examples.


Present your 30/60/90 day plan.

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PowerPoint presentation


how do you prospect, build funnel

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Use LinkedIn, Zoom


My perspective on work and how to reconcile it with my professional skills

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I talked about market differences and specifically how it would be necessary to adapt to regional differences to attract new resources and customers with my professional skills Menos


How strong was my network in terms of ability to onboard new clients rapidly.

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Very strong based on client list and network through membership of professional organizations. Menos

Heads Group

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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Being a marketing manager.

Adcap Network Systems

What is the most interesting trend you are seeing in our industry?

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In 2008, there were 5 million devices with Wifi in the US: today there are 120,000,000. Considering Adcap’s position in the Industry, there is opportunity for unlimited growth. Since they are willing to train newcomers I see that Adap realizes the need to hire quality people to support this growth. Menos

Red Bull

If you had a coworker, that isn't in your department, but they were underperforming, how would you help them out, or would you not help them at all?

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I would ask what they maybe didn't understand, or see if there was something I could help to train them on - so that they would be able to take on the task next time, with no problems. Menos


haw you will best describe your experience?

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i tried to best describe myself

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