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The Scripps Research Institute
A un Senior Research Assistant le preguntaron...22 de septiembre de 2016

My skill set, type of experiments I perform on a regular basis.

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I spoke about the techniques I was currently using and techniques that I had used in the past. Explained that I was very excited to learn new ones as well. Menos

UT Health San Antonio

Where do you see yourself in five years?

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Doing research/bench work as I have no desire to go back to graduate school.

Cleveland Clinic

Tell me about yourself?

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I introduced myself. My major, state of origin, how long I had been doing research. How I got into the lab, and the current topic of my thesis research. I also mentioned my skills as I talked, and I explained why it was that I chose to write a thesis. Menos

University of Virginia

How would you handle unreasonable requests from clients?

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Would refer to standard policies and procedures, point to reasons they exist.

Cleveland Clinic

When can I start?

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I initially had a fellowship lined up for the summer, but I understood that I would have to choose a job over going abroad if I was faced with the choice. I let her talk, and it seemed like she wanted me to start right after graduation, so I agreed to such arrangements. Menos


What is an outlier, how to use collapse in STATA, the difference between probit and logit models.

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Looks like you had an intense interviewing process. How soon did you hear back from them? I have been told that these folks never do cold hires, so I imagine it's tough to get in without some "help"... Menos


Question sur les connaissances en communication numérique.

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À partir de mes cours à l'école.

Oregon Health & Science University

So what would you do if somebody requested a particular piece of data from Epic, without much direction?

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I would identify the piece of data they want to extract from Epic and work backwards from there, checking its relationships with other existing tables, before writing a SQL script to extract the requested data. Menos

Cleveland Clinic

When do I intend to go to medical school?

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I was very nuanced about this answer- what she doesn't know won't hurt her, haha. I understood she was asking me this question because she wanted to know if I would work for 6months and then head off to school. I just said that I wanted to focus on refining my research techniques first before heading off to medical school. I think said that medical school is a long term goal and is less in the short term. Menos

Tufts University

The PI asked me what I could bring to the table beyond my laboratory experience, which I hadn't given much thought to beforehand.

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I talked about making intellectual contributions, such as analyzing primary literature and thinking of participating in developing experimental approaches/techniques. Menos

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