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A un Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist le preguntaron...14 de agosto de 2018

What makes the RA job interesting to you?

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The changing regulatory requirements and adapting to the increasingly stringent requirements make the RA job challenging and interesting. Menos


(I asked) What is the documentation practices like at Diversatek?

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(She answered) It's like any other companies out there, it will become better after we would improve our quality system in the next 3 years. (At the end of it all, they called me a perfectionist.) Menos


Interview with managers: How do you present information to others? Tell me about a team you worked on a team, your role and the outcomes What do you do to find information when you are busy with a project? what kind of team member are you?

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Answer with examples, be honest, at the end you are trying to find a match, if they dont like your style of working you wont be happy with the position Menos


What lead you to apply for this position?

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How would you deal with a difficult colleague/ employee?

Church & Dwight

Were you "fired" or not? Why did you leave the most recent job?

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Left due to unsafe laboratory practices


Tell me about yourself, salary expectations

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I discussed my academic background and qualifications

DePuy Synthes

What is the most important file in a tech file ?

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Clinical Evaluation Report


What regulation number applies to regulatory affairs?

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There is more than one regulation number that applies to regulatory affairs.


Don't you think that risk management is subjective?

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I spoke to the ways to help minimize subjectivity in risk managment.

Boston Scientific

Asked a few questions relating to my experiences working with a team on new product introductions

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Each question I responded with an example from a team I had worked on

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