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TC Energy
A un Senior Project Engineer le preguntaron...4 de noviembre de 2019

Experiencia previa en gasoductos

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Experiencia en el sector de oil & gas

10 anos

10 anos

Saudi Aramco

Why we should hire you?

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Because you’re hiring

Through which Staffing Agency did you apply


How do you deal with ambiguity?

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Tackle head on

Take my time and go through every step to get the job right as it suppose to be.


Is your work slow-paced or fast-paced?

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Proterra works fast-paced.

I adapt to my surroundings!.. if required to work fast pace . Then fast pace it is Menos


Not a whole lot in my case, the hiring manager was the bid manager for a project that was won by my previous employer for which I participated in. Hence the interview was focused on my experience on that project and the hiring manager charing with me that how they went all in during the bid process but didn't win the job. Basically it was a more like a discussion and laughter. This was in London, England hence the hiring process could differ from place to place.

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By being calm and always willing to share my experience as I know the manager might not be able to get to every single one of them. Basically selling myself Menos

What is it mail ID


Experienced based questions regarding my background body of work.

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Sure .

I provided the details of my experiences


Can you handover and manage everything we asked including coding, hardware installation, support maintenance etc?

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Not everything but software related.

Yes, I have great experience in software and hardware, and I can also diagnose and repair the system with a high level of understanding. Menos


Will you be able to accept the international job assignment with single status?

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I am married and I'd like to be with my family at all times.



Due to your nationality we cannot offer your EXPAT salary + benefits even though you have higher degree from western country and 10 years of western work experience, will you be able to accept the offer as local hire?

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considering my situation... I have no choice... I do accept the job offer.

Engineering and Construction

What is been your mayor challenge project technical problem and how did you resolve it?

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Client not commenting on time on PFD's and creating a HARZOP issues within P&ID's, Issue having contractual change order and issue resolved with a high change additional value due to validation required from process engineering consultant including pipe stress analysis and change of piping specs. Menos

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