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Preguntas de entrevista de Senior Product Manager


Preguntas de entrevista para Senior product manager compartidas por los candidatos

Principales preguntas de entrevista

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Describe a situation when you had to confront your boss/manager.

Describe a situation at work when you did a mistake and what did you do.

Comment on an occasion when your team challenged your decisions.

Describe a situation when you did something outside your area of responsibility.

Immediate Superior: do you know how to monetize apps? Little about CV (overview of last 3 positions)

How would you write a user story for this task ...

HR Interview: everything about my CV, English level and reasons for changing jobs.

How do you know how long a specific feature will take to develop?

Practical test: a very narrow business case related to their industry (mobile) and KPIs. Then some submetrics associated with those KPIs. Derived from that, the functional analysis of the #1 functionality you proposed.

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