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Intel Corporation
A un Senior Process Engineer le preguntaron...29 de marzo de 2010

Do you like a manager who 'micromanages' or do you like a manager who leaves you a bit loose and does not follow what you are doing on an hourly basis ?

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I dont know the best answer to this question myself. I said that in both the cases, the kind of work output from me would be the same and WOULD MEET THE MANAGER'S EXPECTATIONS. It didnot really matter what manager I had. :) Menos

I am using this to prepare for my interview at Intel next week. Here is what I wrote down: "I personally would prefer a manager who is hands off and who expects clear results. That being said I have worked with people with different styles of management and the same people with shifting management styles depending on the deliverables of the team. I think at the end both can get results and you have to understand your manager’s perspective." Menos

Intel Corporation

What is the net charge of a plasma?

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I think electrons are lost when the come in contact with chamber walls or electrodes and finally number of ions is more than electrons. So, plasma is positively charged between electrodes except near the electrode regions Menos

0 at center of plasma. No of electrons equal no ions. Positive on the sheath.


Manager Round was really good and deep in the domain.

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Any idea what they asked for techincal solution engineer position?

Any idea what they asked for techincal solution engineer position?


Why should we hire you? Why Global Foundries? How to manage with pressure/stress? Times when you need to convince your boss? And bunch more behavioral questions (right from the HR questions book or something- Just google them before interview)

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Hi, Was there any kind of technical questions. Did you had any chance to look at the fab where you will be working? Menos

Hello Nisha, For me, the interview was more focussed on explaining the job details by the Managers who interviewed me. Not a Single technical question was asked. Not even any technical stuff form my PhD research. I felt- the interview was to just have a conversation with me and explain what is expected for the position before giving me an official offer letter. I didn't get a chance to look at the fab as the interview was only for 2.5 hrs. hope this helps, if not - you can get back to me on glass door. Menos

Intel Corporation

Most unexpected: what are the 2 golden rules of an op amp (I’m a mechanical engineer)?

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Solution: 1. the output attempts to do whatever is necessary to make the voltage difference between the inputs zero. 2. The inputs draw no current Comments on 1: The voltage gain of a real op-amp is so high that a fraction of a millivolt input will swing the output over its full range. Practically, that amounts to rule1 Comments on 2: The input current is so low (0.08 microamps for the 741, picoamps for an FET-input op-amp) that rule 2 is practically correct. Menos

The positive and negative inputs of an op amp: (1) are the same voltage, and (2) draw no current. Menos


Can I do the required tasks for the project as Senior Process Engineer such as develop simulation, create PFDs, P&IDs, H&MBs...

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no problem

No problem.

Intel Corporation

At what rotational speed do turbopumps operate?

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as for as I know its around ~30,000rpm. Correct me if I am wrong.

Intel Corporation

Was I willing to work in a fast paced environment?

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Thanks for sharing. Did they ask any technical question?

The key in these questions is to cover the fundamentals, and be ready for the back-and-forth with the interviewer. Might be worth doing a mock interview with one of the Intel or ex-Intel Senior Process Engineer experts on Prepfully? They give real-world practice and guidance, which is pretty helpful. Menos

Micron Technology

Size of a Hydrogen Atom

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0.529 Angstroms

10e-10m or 1A

ASM Pacific Technology

Please prepare candidate presentation to let us get to know you.

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Spent 8+hrs creating presentation, and then got ghosted! No interview!

Initially I had the same issue!!! I had to email/follow-up and ASK for them to schedule it! Menos

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